Natural ,Reusable ,Durable ,Cotton bags are multipurpose, which means that you could reduce your plastic use in many areas of your life. Many people associate cotton bags with grocery shopping, which is great. But, you can also use your tote as a bag for work, school, or a trip to the beach etc.,


Jute fiber material have history more than 5000years ,its advantages including  good insulating and antistatic properties,as well as antibacterial and moisture retention,so it was traditionally used to carry and store potatoes, cereals and sugar. Today, jute is being used in a more creative way, ideally suited to a variety of uses, ranging from: multipurpose bags, beach bags, bottle bags, shopping bags, supermarket reusable bags, packing, wrapping material, etc.


Felt is a durable, moisture-repellent and heat-insulating material and can be made of both, natural or synthetic fibers. It is easy to work with it, felt does not fray and therefore does not need to be serged. It can be used on both sides because both surfaces are the same.

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